Aaron Livingston

Software Engineer, Student, Robotics Enthusiast | aaron@aaronlivingston.com


Hi! My name's Aaron, I'm a fourth year Electrical Engineer and Computer Science undergraduate at UC Berkeley, graduating in December 2014. I graduated high school in rural California, and afterwards entered the workforce, where I worked many jobs and experienced many things. I learned a lot about life, traveled, but never felt my curiosity was satisfied. I returned to school and was lucky enough to attended the University of California, Berkeley where I’ve studied in the EECS program. In my free time I like to code, hike, discover new recipes, and work on electronics. Currently I’m working on a robotic hand that's controlled by both voice and muscle sensors.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

University of California, Berkeley

Selected Coursework: Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems Programming, Computer Architecture, Data Structures, Computer Security, Machine Structures, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Embedded Systems, Feedback Control Systems, Systems and Signals, Microelectronic Circuits, Discrete Math and Probability Theory.

December 2014


Lead Desktop Consultant

University of California, Berkeley - CTS

Student Affairs Client Technology Services (CTS) provides a central point of contact for IT technical and administrative support and services to the University of California, Berkeley faculty, staff, students, and guests. I'm currently leading a project team of 12 senior staff this semester that supports tier 2 program support. I've hired over 20 staff members and I am currrently restructuring the Desktop team and creating a new video training system.

Berkeley, Ca.

Lead Systems Technician

Advanced Communications Network

Advanced Communications Network (ACN) provides completion and technical support for large telecommunications corporations. As lead I completed the tickets that other support staff had difficulties completing and trained new recruits.

Sacramento, Ca.

Cable Technician

Prince Telecommunications

A national telecommunications customer service fulfillment company, Prince Telecom specializes in Residential & Commercial installation, repair and construction services for: High Speed Data (Cable Modems), Telephony, Cable Television (Analog & Digital), In-Home Networking, Aerial and Underground Fiber/Coaxial Plants.

West Sacramento, Ca.


  • Comfortable in: Python, Java, C, HTML5, CSS3, LaTex
  • Workflow Tools: Eclipse, Sublime, Git, Matlab, LabView, Amazon EC2, Hadoop
  • Exposure in: Scheme, C++, Objective C, MIPS, Ruby, SQL



Distributed Key-Value Store

Implementation of a distributed key-value store that runs across multiple nodes.